League of Distortion shares fourth single/video ‘I’m a Bitch’

German metal band League of Distortion has released its fourth single and video, “I’m a Bitch.” The song is from the group’s self-titled debut album, set for release on Friday, Nov. 25, 2022, via Napalm Records.

“This song is about social prejudice and inequality,” the band said. “Women and men are still being treated with different measures. With this provocative topic, song and music video, we are speaking up against this injustice, wanting to persuade you to reprogram the old patterns of thinking.”

Pre-order the debut album here.

“With this debut album, we lay the cornerstone of League of Distortion,” the band said. “Processing the cruel and capricious reality, with straight-forward, provocative and very personal topics, we are distorting perspective and creating tremendously powerful music. League of Distortion is here to stay, and we welcome you to be a part of this from the very beginning.”

League of Distortion features vocalist Anna “Ace” Brunner of symphonic metal band Exit Eden and guitarist Jim “Arro” Müller of Kissin’ Dynamite along with bassist Felix “Ax” Rehmann and drummer Tino “Aeon” Calmbach.

“League of Distortion” track list:

1. Wolf or Lamb
2. My Revenge
3. It Hurts So Good (feat. Annisokay)
4. L.O.D.
5. I’m a Bitch
6. Rebel by Choice
7. Solitary Confinement
8. SIN
9. The Bitter End
10. Do You Really Think I Fuckin’ Care

The band previously released the single “It Hurts So Good,” “My Revenge” and “Wolf or Lamb.”

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