Swollen Teeth to release debut EP, produced by Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, on April 26

Swollen Teeth will release its debut, self-titled EP, produced by Sid Wilson of Slipknot, on April 26, 2023. It will be the first release from Blowed Out Records, a new label venture from producer Ross Robinson (Korn, The Cure, Slipknot, Glassjaw, At the Drive In and many more), artist Ghostemane and Bill Armstrong (SideOneDummy).

The band also has released a music video for the EP’s title track, which is available on streaming platforms now.

“After all these years, when I thought I’d never find another group of humans outside of Slipknot that knew the formula to transparency thru frequencies and not thru appearance, I discovered Swollen Teeth,” Wilson said. “This is trü-Metal!” 

Ross Robinson said: “Sid and I listening to roughs in Iowa, emotions ran high – I found myself getting chills throughout my body to that familiar molten metal pulse I love so much–this time that force is known as “Swollen Teeth”–hunger and talent have that vibration I can’t ignore. Bill, Eric and I (Blowed Out Records) are totally committed to rip it out there for the long haul.”

Swollen Teeth is:

Megaa – vocals/sampler/turntable
Sun – vocals/bass
Skutch – drums
HOG – guitar

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