Brazilian/Canadian band Midnight Guest releases new single ‘Seize the Doomsday’

Apocalyptic landscapes and a critique of consumerism and messianism mark “Seize the Doomsday,” the new single from the Brazilian/Canadian band Midnight Guest, released through Electric Funeral Records.

“The song talks about radical ‘survivalists,’ those people who keep stocking a heaps of food and weapons waiting for some catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions,” guitarist Daniel Stunges said. “I started writing because I thought it was hilarious how commercially this is exploited, but in the end ultimately the song ended up being more about one’s life revolving around waiting for a great catastrophe. Sometimes it’s almost like they’re rooting for it to happen. And narrated in the first person, through the eyes of someone who sees himself as–or would like to be–like Noé.”

Stunges created Midnight Guest in 2020 alongside vocalist Kjetil Landsgard, straight from Canada, and Tadeu Correa on drums and Eduardo Oliveira on bass. The genesis of the band comes from the desire to create within the occult rock genre, popularized by acts such as Black Sabbath and Ghost, but mixing a punk attitude with metal.

“Seize the Doomsday” opens a new phase for the band after the EPs “Midnight Guest” and “Satanic Panic Attack,” in addition to the single “The Hour of the Wolf.” The single is available at all music platforms.

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