New Volbeat touring guitarist ‘overwhelmed’ by offer to join band for summer shows

Flemming C. Lund, the new touring guitarist for Danish rock band Volbeat, said he was “overwhelmed” when he got the offer to participate in the band’s summer 2023 shows.

Lund is filling in for Rob Caggiano, who has parted ways with Volbeat after 10 years with the band.

“The cat’s out of the bag!” Lund said in a statement (via “Sometimes unexpected things happen in life and this must be said to be one of them: I can now finally reveal that I will be playing stand-in in Volbeat for Rob Caggiano on lead guitar on Volbeat’s upcoming summer tour. This means I’m playing all upcoming European festival shows in Finland, Norway, Sweden (warming up for Metallica),Switzerland, Germany and Austria as well as the US/Canada tour in July and August.

“When I was asked by (Volbeat vocalist/guitarist) Michael Poulsen not many weeks ago if I wanted to help them, I was honestly at first very overwhelmed by the request and found it very difficult to see myself in that role. But after a little time to think and talk with those closest to me, it dawned on me that it was something I could not possibly say no to.

“So this summer takes a somewhat unexpected, but obviously insanely cool turn. I will try to enjoy every moment and just take in the many experiences and impressions that will surely be an experience of a lifetime.

“A big thank you must go to my fantastic workplace MCB for the great flexibility so that it could be successful, and not least to my better half Julie who, as usual, supported and stood behind me!”

Lund is the lead guitarist of the Danish metal band The Arcane Order, which will release its new album, “Distortions From Cosmogony,” on June 9, 2023, via Black Lion Records. Get it here.

Volbeat released its latest album, “Servant of the Mind,” in December 2021.

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