Gygax has disbanded

California-based fantasy hard rock/metal act Gygax has disbanded, according to a message on the group’s Bandcamp page.

The band, named for “Dungeons & Dragons” creator Gary Gygax, has been inactive since releasing and touring in support of its third album, “High Fantasy,” in 2019. That album followed “2nd Edition” in 2018 and “Critical Hits” in 2016. Gygax released all three of its albums through Creator-Destructor Records.

According to the band’s message, two previously unreleased songs will be available soon.

Vocalist/bassist Eric Harris and guitarist Bryant Throckmorton founded Gygax in 2015 after previously being members of Gypsyhawk. Gygax featured a Thin Lizzy-esque, dual guitar sound with lyrics largely inspired by fantasy role playing games.

Live Metal interviewed Harris in 2018 and 2019.

The band’s statement reads as follows:

“Well, it’s probably time for some communication. We tried to make it work, but we’ve been dead in the water for at least a few years now. Theres no realistic future for us in sight. Everyone has moved on and we’ve all been split down different paths. A few of us are still making music. When and if any of it gets published, we’ll let you know in this thread in case it’s something you may be interested in hearing.

“I’d like to sincerely thank everyone that has supported our band over the years. You were the only reason we were able to pursue any of the adventures that we embarked upon.

“We have two unreleased songs that we’re initially supposed to be part of a final release, unfortunately that’s not happening. So I’ll try to remember to upload the songs sometime this week. Again, thank you all so much for the support. It’s been a wild ride and we’ve enjoyed every step along the way.”

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