Death Dealer Union shares ‘The Integument,’ second single from debut album ‘Initiation’

Death Dealer Union, featuring Elena Cataraga (aka Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain), has shared “The Integument,” the second single from its upcoming debut album “Initiation” (Sept. 22, 2023, Napalm Records; pre-order here). The video, which can be seen below, features the heavy metal dance troupe Cherry Bombs.

“We are proud to present to the world and our fans ‘The Integument!'” the band said. “A mix of old-school thrash, power and modern metal, ‘The Integument’ delivers an upbeat vibe with a positive message. Thanks to the amazing Cherry Bombs and Alicia Taylor for lending their unmatched talents to our visual spectacle!”

In 2019, metal musicians CC McKenna (drums) and Doug Weiand (lead guitars) set forth on a dark musical path. After meeting Cataraga, a musical pact was formed instantly, propelling the band into the studio with producer Valentin Voluta (also recognized for his work with Infected Rain). Now, with two new members–Hunter Havok (rhythm and lead guitars) and Jonny Heinz (bass)–in tow, the band is set to unleash its first offering to the masses, “Initiation.”

Initiation” track listing:

1. Initiation
2. The Vow of Silence
4. Ekphrasis
5. The Integument
6. Mythos
7. The Big Blue
8. Back to Me
9. The Downfall
10. Love Me When I’m Ugly
11. Anew
12. Beyond Heaven

“Initiation” will be available in the following formats:

  • 1CD Digipak
  • 2LP Gatefold Purple – available only via Napalm Records mail order and Death Dealer Union, limited to 300
  • Digital Album

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