Bewitcher to release ‘Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves’ compilation on Nov. 17, new single out now

Portland, Oregon, metal band Bewitcher is set to release “Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves: Ten Years of Black Leather, Black Magic & White Hot Fucking Steel,” a 17-track collection of remastered demo recordings, including rare and previously unreleased material, as well as two new studio tracks, on Nov. 17, 2023, via Century Media Records. The album will be released on limited edition double white LP, CD and digital. Pre-order it here.

The band has shared “Manifesting Darkness” as the first single.

“’Manifesting Darkness’ is a thrashing descent into fire and madness,” frontman Mateo von Bewitcher said. “This track could be seen as a cautionary tale about the abuse and misuse of dark magical forces.”

Track list:

1. Manifesting Darkness
2. Our Lady of Speed
3. Bastard     
4. Speed ‘Til You Bleed (Midnight Hunters demo, 2015)
5. Midnight Hunters (Midnight Hunters demo, 2015)
6. Rome Is on Fire (Midnight Hunters demo, 2015)
7. Wild Blasphemy (Wild Blasphemy demo, 2013)
8. Rebellion at the Gates of Heaven (Wild Blasphemy demo, 2013)
9. Black Speed Delirium (Wild Blasphemy demo, 2013)
10. Trial of Swords (Wild Blasphemy demo, 2013)
11. Bewitcher (Satanic Panic demo, 2013)
12. Sin Is in Her Blood (Satanic Panic demo, 2013)
13. In the Night (Satanic Panic demo, 2013)
14. Harlots of Hell (demo, 2014)
15. Hot Nights, Red Lights (demo, 2014)
16. In the Sign of the Goat (demo, 2015)
17. Hedgerider (demo, 2015)

Forming in 2013, Bewitcher began its recording career with a series of long out-of-print demos and has released three full-length studio albums–“Bewitcher” (2016), “Under the Witching Cross” (2019) and “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” (2021).

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