Dogma shares ‘Made Her Mine’ video, self-titled debut album out now

The new band Dogma has shared a music video for the song “Made Her Mine” from its self-titled debut album, out now via MNRK Heavy (available here).

Frontwoman Lilith said: “On our debut album, we unveil a raw and unapologetic narrative, shedding light on the struggle against imposed faith, unfair censorship and the liberation from illogical beliefs. It’s a journey through lost innocence and a rebellion against archaic constraints. ‘Made Her Mine,’ depicted in our music video, is a bold statement, capturing the defiance against societal norms. It’s about breaking free, embracing our truth and challenging the restrictions imposed upon us.” 

“Additionally,” Lilith said, “the uncensored version of the album artwork stands as a daring reflection of the omnipresence of lust within humanity, irrespective of any condition. It serves as a bold visual testament, unmasking the truth that lust is an inherent part of our nature, free from any imposed limitations such as fake morality and illogical beliefs.”

See both the censored and uncensored versions of the album art below.

Previously, Dogma released the singles/videos “Carnal Liberation,” “Forbidden Zone” and “My First Peak.”

“Dogma” track listing:

1. Forbidden Zone
2. Feel the Zeal
3. My First Peak
4. Made Her Mine
5. Carnal Liberation
6. Free Yourself
7. Bare to the Bones
8. Make Us Proud
9. Pleasure from Pain
10. Father I Have Sinned
11. The Dark Messiah

Dogma merch is available here.

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