New Jungle Rot S/T album coming July 20, Listen to ‘Fearmonger’ now

Maximum violence has been Jungle Rot‘s battle-cry since their inception and it’s proven again on "Fearmonger," the lead track from their tenth and most vicious album to date, the self-titled "Jungle Rot," set for release on July 20, 2018. “Expect a beatdown if you aren’t prepared,” promises bassist James Genenz. As the album hits shelves,... Continue Reading →

Anthrax, Killswitch Engage to team up for ‘Killthrax II’ tour

What do you do when you've co-headlined one of the hottest metal touring packages of 2017? Well, like any rock band that cares about its fans, you do it again, but you take it to the places that missed out the first time. That's exactly what metalcore masterminds Killswitch Engage and legendary thrash/metal masters Anthrax... Continue Reading →

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