Sumo Cyco’s new video is ‘Bad News’

Canadian alt-metal/heavy rock crossover act Sumo Cyco has released a video for its latest single, "Bad News," from its upcoming album "Initiation" (May 7, 2021, Napalm Records; read Live Metal's review). "I'm sure many people can relate to feeling like everyday is 'Bad News' over and over again," singer Skye "Sever" Sweetnam said. "There was a... Continue Reading →

Sumo Cyco drops new song/video ‘Vertigo’

Canadian alt-metal/heavy rock crossover band Sumo Cyco has released the new single/video "Vertigo" from its upcoming album "Initiation" (May 7, 2021, Napalm Records). Watch the video below and pre-order the album here. "'Vertigo' was written pre-pandemic, but it’s crazy how we have been living through some of the most disorienting times in our lives," vocalist... Continue Reading →

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