REVIEW: Dogma (self-titled)

By Greg Maki See the corpse-painted nuns of Dogma—taking their names from mythological female demons Nixe, Lamia, Abrahel and Lilith—and you might expect to hear a barrage of inhuman shrieks and wails, impenetrable walls of guitars and relentless blast beats, all brought to life through lo-fi production and probably recorded somewhere in the frozen wilderness... Continue Reading →

Enter Dogma’s ‘Forbidden Zone’ with new single and video

Dogma has shared the new single and video "Forbidden Zone," the first visual chapter (and first track) of the comprehensive Dogma saga that constitutes the band's forthcoming album. The story unfolds within this inaugural track, exploring taboos that constrain authentic expression. The message dares all souls to shatter the chains that bind them, embarking on a journey... Continue Reading →

Dogma shares ‘My First Peak’ video

Mysterious melodic metal cult Dogma has shared its second music video, "My First Peak." Shrouded in mystery, draped in black cloaks and corpse paint, this dark force known as Dogma has risen. The four enigmatic nuns behind the hook-heavy, classic, power-inspired melodic metal use their music to propagate an anti-dogmatic idea of free thought. “We... Continue Reading →

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