Enter Dogma’s ‘Forbidden Zone’ with new single and video

Dogma has shared the new single and video “Forbidden Zone,” the first visual chapter (and first track) of the comprehensive Dogma saga that constitutes the band’s forthcoming album.

The story unfolds within this inaugural track, exploring taboos that constrain authentic expression. The message dares all souls to shatter the chains that bind them, embarking on a journey toward genuine self-discovery and empowerment.

The video, directed by Saico, illustrates the curiosity surrounding these taboos. It follows the infamous nuns (Lilith, Lamia, Nixe and Abrahel) who bear witness to the wavering purity of a young Lilith, tempted to enter the covenant’s oath.

Dogma encourages the devoted to confront their innermost fears and embrace the liberation lying beyond the bounds of conventionality.

Dogma beckons us to embrace rebellion and unleash our carnal desires. They cast aside the chains of modesty, conjuring a tempest of sensuality that demands unwavering attention and passionate participation.

Dogma released the track and video, “My First Peak” last month and “Father I Have Sinned” in 2022.

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