REVIEW: The Amorettes – ‘Born to Break’

Review by Greg Maki
Can we please get past the point of comparing every female rock band to other female rock bands? Because when I listen to “Born to Break,” the fourth full-length release from The Amorettes, a trio out of Scotland, I don’t think about Girlschool or The Donnas. I think about Airbourne. I think about Motorhead. I think about AC/DC. The wood background of the “Born to Break” album cover recalls AC/DC’s “Fly on the Wall,” but what brings the classic band to mind even more is The Amorettes’ no-nonsense approach to blues-based, riff-heavy rock ‘n’ roll. Seriously, though, how has “Everything I Learned I Learned from Rock and Roll” never been an AC/DC song title?

As vocalist and guitarist, Gill Montgomery is the one responsible for the infectious riffs and hooks and some tasty lead licks, backed by the propulsive rhythm section of sisters Heather (bass) and Hannah McKay (drums). They’re a tight unit that’s come together for one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll party. There’s nothing sophisticated or groundbreaking here, but who cares? Front to back, “Born to Break” flat-out rocks. But come on, AC/DC, how did you let another band write “You Still Got Rock and Roll” before you? With the venerable Australian rockers at less than full strength these days, The Amorettes are here to fill the void

Rating: 8/10

(Steamhammer/SPV, April 6, 2018)



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