ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: Sepultura ‘Beneath the Remains’ is released April 7, 1989

April 7, 1989, Sepultura released its third album, and first for Roadrunner Records – “Beneath the Remains.” This was the album that broke the Brazilian metal band into the metal underground, and coincidentally, it was my first taste of Sepultura. In fact, this was the first real death metal album I ever owned.

Before Sepultura, I was listening to Ozzy and the Big Four (mainly Megadeth). But after reading several mags back in the day stating that Sepultura was the “future of underground metal,” this eventually led me to the album. Where did I even buy it back in 1989? I really have no recollection. But as they say, the rest is history.

With songs like the pummeling anti-war title track, the legendary riff of “Inner Self,” “Stronger Than Hate” and “Mass Hypnosis,” this is a thrash and death metal classic. “Lobotomy,” “Slaves of Pain” … the list could very well contain the full album. Actually, it does.

I remember reading that at this early stage in his career, Max Cavalera had to translate his lyrics to English for the recording of the album. The results are a metal classic. Although the vocals may not be the strong suit of the album, the chemistry here is undeniable.

Speaking of, since you’re already here, read my latest of several interviews with the former Sepultura frontman, Max Cavalera here.

Check out a few of the standout tracks of the album:



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