Stream “Quarantine Playlists” from Megadeth, Ozzy and more

With three out of four metalheads quarantined at home all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few of our favorite artists have already put together “Quarantine Playlists.” Listen to them below and check back for more, maybe even one of our own. Highlighted by classics from Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies and Carcass, Megadeth gets my vote for #1.

“A collection of songs to help get you through this weird and uncertain time. Stay safe out there.”



Trivium (Paulo Gregoletto, bassist)
OK, so I may be impartial since Trivium was my first sit down interview ever for Live Metal back in 2006, and also it happens to be a playlist I found. Check out Paulo’s “Quarantine Playlist.”

Ozzy’s “Isolation Insanity Playlist”
From the Prince of Darkness, himself, featuring some classic rock, some appropriate oddball tracks, and a whole lot of Ozzy.


Within Temptation (Sharon den Adel, vocalist) “The Corona Quarantine/Sweat It Out Workout”
With the help of fans’ suggestions, Sharon den Adel put this playlist together for those of you who like to exercise. Anyone?





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