Mac Sabbath to release pop-up book ‘Drive Thru Metal’

Fast food-themed parody metal band Mac Sabbath will release its first book, “Drive Thru Metal,” in fall 2021. The four band members will take readers on a journey through a dystopian fast-food world polluted by its own waste in a hybrid pop-up book.

“What’s that? A pop-up book is not what you were expecting? Well SUFFER! …. And you’re welcome,” Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne said.

Available via Poposition Press, “Drive Thru Metal” features illustrations by Gris Grimly, known for his darkly whimsical children’s books and the upcoming Netflix film adaptation of his “Pinocchio” book, and will be available in regular and special dditions. Both editions are available in limited quantities, so be sure to pre-order now to reserve a copy. Pre-orders are available at

Both editions of “Drive Thru Metal” include pop-up scenes highlighting “The Factory,” “The Ascension” and “Utopia,” and include a special vinyl surprise with seven Mac Sabbath stories, including “Organic Funeral,” Sweet Beef” and “N.I.B.B.L.E.” The special edition is a limited version with a foil stamped cover, a Gris Grimly art print and ketchup and mustard splattered vinyl surprise.

Mac Sabbath online:
Tumblr: macsabbath
TikTok: @macsabbath

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