Volbeat to re-release ‘Hokus Bonus’ on black vinyl

Volbeat will re-release “Hokus Bonus,” a compilation of bonus tracks from special and international editions of previous albums, on July 16, 2021. Originally released on hand-numbered, smoke-colored vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday 2020, the LP will be widely available on standard black vinyl.

“Hokus Bonus” brings several songs, such as “For Evigt,” “Slaytan,” “Under the Influence” and “Immortal But Destructable,” to the vinyl format for the first time in North America, and includes early versions of fan-favorites “Evelyn,” “Black Rose” and “Die Tto Live.”

“We all spend a lot of time in record stores both at home and on tour,” the band said, “and bringing these songs to vinyl, some of them for the first time ever, brings us great joy.”

“Hokus Bonus” can be pre-ordered here.

Track list:

Side A:
1. Rebel Angel – 3:25
2. Angelfuck – 1:30 
3. Ecotone – 3:47 
4. Lola Montez (Harp Version) – 4:28 
5. Evelyn (Early Michael Vox Version) – 3:29
6. Slaytan – 0:59
Side B:
1. For Evigt (feat. Johan Olsen) – 4:43
2. Black Rose (Michael Vox Version) – 3:58
3. Under The Influence – 4:32
4. Immortal But Destructible – 4:35
5. Die To Live (Michael Vox Version) – 3:03

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