Make Them Suffer shares ‘Contraband’ featuring Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante

Australian metal band Make Them Suffer has dropped the video for the new song “Contraband,” featuring guest vocals from Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante. It marks the first time the band has recruited a guest for one of its songs.

“‘Contraband’ came together centered around one of the riffs in the song that we’d aptly named the ‘floppy fingers’ riff,” vocalist Sean Harmanis said. “We’d actually had this (riff) in the bank since way back in 2016. As the song came together, we decided that it was a great opportunity to include Make Them Suffer’s first-ever guest feature, and we couldn’t have picked anyone better than Courtney! She was a joy to work with and showed such a great enthusiasm toward the song and her parts.”

“Lyrically,” Harmanis said, “the song is about everything and nothing at the same time. It’s about relationships with friends and family. But it’s also a low-key political song, as well as an expression of the frustrations surrounding COVID and its impact on our lives, particularly as members of the music community.”

Make Them Suffer released the full-length “How to Survive a Funeral” in 2020 via Rise Records. The band continues working on new material.

“‘Contraband’ is a build up—the result of two years without musical catharsis,” Harmanis said.

Additionally, Make Them Suffer keyboardist Booka Nile recently made headlines by appearing as a contestant on Australia’s popular “Married at First Sight” reality show.

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