The Dead Deads drop ‘First Tooth’ video

The Dead Deads, the Nashville-based trio that combines elements of alt rock, punk rock and metal has shared the video for “First Tooth.” Watch it below.

The song appears on the band’s forthcoming album “Tell Your Girls It’s Alright,” out Aug. 20, 2022, via Rumble Records. Pre-order it here.

When the band first started mixing the record, it was quickly a favorite of producer Matt Mahaffey, who likened it to a “hard rock TLC” or a “hard rock Lizzo.”

“It’s just one of those songs that has a hard swing to it—like it would make you walk with more swagger if it was in your ear buds,” drummer McQueen Dead said.

“It’s a little different for us, and if you have a problem with that, please refer back to our other single off this record ‘Deal with Me,'” guitarist Meta Dead said. “When I was writing the lyrics, I was thinking about all the times I’ve been told I was ‘too this’ or ‘too that’ to amount to much. I finally realized, the story is in MY hands, not theirs. Nobody is gonna do the painful part for me—nobody’s gonna shake loose what’s holding me back. That’s my job. The song says, ‘Why dontcha check around and find something loose.’ Maybe that’s a lover, or a job, or a bad habit. If it’s messing you up or holding you back, you need to pull that out. No one is gonna do that for you. Life is painful—to think you can completely avoid that is silly. This song is trying to take a really stressful part of life and break it down to the fundamental level. Think about being five—grab that tooth, give it a twist, and take the first step towards growing up and owning your life.”

Bassist Daisy Dead added, “And nothing says swag like a horn section.”

The Dead Deads previously dropped the video for “Murder Ballad II,” featuring Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor.

“Tell Your Girls It’s Alright” track listing:

“Sea Beast”
“Thinkers and Preyers”
“First Tooth”
“Hey Girlfriend”
“Dead Inside”
“Murder Ballad II”
“Wait and See”
“In for Blood”
“Murder and Ballad II Reprise”
“Deal with Me”
“Out of the Sky”
“Cure for Life”
“Wounded Without Wounds”
“What It Is”
“Golden Showers”

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