Members of Ad Infinitum, Feuerschwanz and Amaranthe form The Dark Side of the Moon

Ad Infinitum singer Melissa Bonny, Feuerschwanz guitarist Hans Platz, Feuerschwanz harpist Jenny Diehl and Amaranthe drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen have come together as The Dark Side of the Moon. After hearing the first song, Napalm Records immediately signed the band, which is aiming to transform musical themes in cinematography, TV shows and video games into powerful modern metal tracks.

The band said: “Today we are proud to announce that we are starting the epic quest of transforming our and your favorite cinematic themes into powerful metal tracks! And to do so, we are happy to team up with Napalm Records for the release of this epic album that will also contain some songs of our own composition. We’ll take you on a musical quest from the depth of Moria up to the Iron Throne. And to make this journey even more magical, we invited some of our musician friends to join us. Stay tuned and welcome to the dark side!”

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