Ice Nine Kills drops ‘Funeral Derangements,’ inspired by Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’

Ice Nine Kills has dropped the fourth new track from its upcoming album “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrowood,” which will be available everywhere Friday, Oct. 15, 2021, via Fearless Records. The song is titled “Funeral Derangements” and is inspired by the Stephen King horror classic “Pet Sematary.” The accompanying music video features horror icon Bill Moseley (“House of 1000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects”), a cameo from Miko Hughes, from the original 1989 “Pet Sematary,” a cameo from Josh Katz from Badflower portraying the undead Victor Pascow, and James A. Janisse and Chelsea Rebecca, creators of the Dead Meat James “Kill Count” YouTube series. Stream the track here and watch the video below.

“In perhaps the most ironic cameo in recent horror memory, we’ve tapped the amazing Miko Hughes (Gage from the original ‘Pet Sematary’) to play the role of the reckless truck driver,” said Spencer Charnas, Ice Nine Kills frontman and driving creative force. “An 18 wheeler, a twisted cat, a scalpel and an evil burial ground all come together in what I’d call our most ambitious homage yet. Dig in …”

The band also released its latest “Nightmare on the Ninth” merch capsule in conjunction with the new track/video. All items are available for a limited time here.

No matter how many advances there are in cinematography, practical effects or CGI, there’s a single scene in the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” almost unrivaled in its shockingness, and things only unravel for the characters from there. The story involves a burial ground capable of reanimating the dead, though the versions of pets (like Church, the movie’s family cat) and people that return are devastatingly malevolent. John Feldmann co-wrote the track, lending a Bad Religion-style anthemic vibe. Bassist Joe Occhiuti spent time on the tour bus working on discordant noises to match some of the movie’s frightening animalism. It also contains some of the best lyrics of Charnas’ career, including, “It all began with a skid on the pavement/It ends now with funeral derangements/The flesh is living, but the souls have spoiled/The wrath of God lays beneath the soil.”

“Funeral Derangements” follows the release of previous singles “Rainy Day,” “Assault & Batteries” and “Hip to Be Scared.” The three tracks combined have clocked up 15.7 million streams with 3.6 million YouTube views.

“The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood” track listing:

1. Opening Night …
2. Welcome to Horrorwood
3. A Rash Decision 
4. Assault & Batteries
5. The Shower Scene
6. Funeral Derangements 
7. Rainy Day 
8. Hip to Be Scared (feat. Jacoby Shaddix) 
9. Take Your Pick (feat. Corpsegrinder) 
10. The Box (feat. Brandon Saller of Atreyue & Ryan Kirby of Fit for A King) 
11. F.L.Y. (feat. Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail) 
12. Wurst Vacation 
13. Ex-Mørtis
14. Farewell II Flesh

Dan Sugarman (guitar), Ricky Armellino (guitar), Patrick Galante (drums), and Joe Occhuiti (bass) are the current co-conspirators behind Charnas, who founded the band as a teen in the early 2000s.

Drew Fulk, who produced “The Silver Scream,” returned to produce “The Silver Scream 2.”

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