Cane Hill drops ‘Bleed When You Ask Me’

New Orleans band Cane Hill has shared the visualizer for “Bleed When You Ask Me” from its new EP “Krewe D’Amour.” Watch it below.

“”Bleed When You Ask Me’ finds itself on our EP dedicated to romance not because it is about love but because it is about heartbreak,” singer Elijah Witt said. “It’s a romanticized epic directed to the music industry that has chewed us up and spit us out like a fruit that’s gone sour. We methodically imposed the juxtaposition of upbeat and bright melodies and rhythm under abysmal lyrical content to convey the highs and lows of our experience of bleeding our souls to our art and seeing the incremental return.”

Cane Hill dropped the “Krewe De La Mort” EP earlier this year, as well.

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