Iceland’s Power Paladin unveils ‘Kraven the Hunter’ video

Icelandic metal band Power Paladin has unveiled a music video for “Kraven the Hunter” from its upcoming debut album, “With the Magic of Windfyre Steel” (Jan. 7, 2022, Atomic Fire Records).

“Kraven the Hunter” also appears as its own 7” single, backed by the B-side single edit of the as-yet-unreleased track “Creatures of the Night.” The video for “Kraven The Hunter”–crafted by Glen Mountford/TRUEview Media, who also handled the group’s first video, “Righteous Fury”–underlines Power Paladin’s passion for fantasy themes and literature.

The band said of the track: “A certain friendly neighborhood hero travels to the medieval world of Dimension 626 in an effort to enlist the aid of its resident in the fight against Morlun and his evil family. Unfortunately, the resident he’s looking for seems to have turned into a terrible monster and is being hunted by the ferocious ‘Kraven the Hunter’–who now mistakes our hero for the monster. Watch out, true believers, because Kraven wields the sword of power!”

Purchase the 7″ orange vinyl single and pre-order the “With the Magic of Windfyre Steel” album in various formats, including digipak CD and vinyl, and pre-save/order it digitally to receive “Kraven the Hunter” and “Righteous Fury” instantly HERE.

With the Magic of Windfyre Steel” track listing:

1. Kraven the Hunter
2. Righteous Fury
3. Evermore
4. Dark Crystal
5. Way of Kings
6. Ride the Distant Storm
7. Creatures of the Night
8. Into the Forbidden Forest
9. There Can Be Only One

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