Bad Omens releases ‘Artificial Suicide’ video

Bad Omens has released the official music video for the new song “Artificial Suicide” from its upcoming album “The Death of Peace of Mind” (Feb. 25, 2022, Sumerian Records). Pre-order the album here, and watch the video below.

Bad Omens previously released the title track from the new record, which has totaled 1.2 million views on YouTube and counting, as well as the “What Do You Want from Me?”/”Artificial Suicide” double single.

Bad Omens’ 2016 self-titled debut yielded fan favorites such as “Glass Houses” and “The Worst in Me,” which eclipsed 20.4 million Spotify streams. On its heels, 2019’s “Finding God Before God Finds Me” spawned “Dethrone” (9.5 million Spotify streams) and “Careful What You Wish For” (8.8 million Spotify streams).

After their first headline tour was canceled midway at the top of the global pandemic, the band members—Noah Sebastian (vocals), Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (guitar), Nick Ruffilo (bass), and Nick Folio (drums)—found themselves at home in Los Angeles with plenty of time. Channeling what the frontman describes at times as a “cursive sound,” they embraced newfound confidence and boundlessly loose creativity. Anything went in the studio, and all “rules” were broken. Sebastian and Karlsson wrote, produced and engineered the music themselves, while Grammy Award-nominated producer and songwriter Zakk Cervini (Halsey, Grimes, Poppy, blink-182) lent his talents with the mix and master.

“The whole record really details the loss of peace of mind,” Sebastian said. “The lyrics in the title track are a little more specific in terms of the conflict at the heart of something more intimate and personal.”

“Sonically, we want to do something you can’t arrive late or early too,” he said. “You can’t cheat your way to the final act. You have to get on the ride and process it until the end. The songs are meant to be heard from start to finish. We want you to take the whole trip with us.”

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