Kill the Lights is ‘Dead from the Start’

Kill the Lights, which features former members of Bullet for My Valentine and Throw the Fight, has released the new song “Dead from the Start.” Listen below.

“‘Dead from the Start’ attempts to give the listener an insight into the types of thoughts and feelings that someone living with mental health issues endures daily,” singer James Clark said. “Being able to talk openly about mental health is the first step in ensuring those that need help receive the support and resources readily available to them. Millions of people are fighting alone each day in darkness, and it’s time to remove the social stigma around mental health.”

Kill the Lights released its debut album, “The Sinner,” in 2020 via Fearless Records. Last fall, the band shared two previously unreleased songs from “The Sinner” sessions, “Chasing Shadows” and “Voices.”

James Clark — Vocals (ex-Throw the Fight)
Jordan Whelan — Guitar (Still Remains)
Michael “Moose” Thomas — Drums (ex-Bullet for My Valentine)
Jay James — Bass (ex-Bullet for My Valentine)
Travis Montgomery — Guitar (ex-Threat Signal)

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