Union’s self-titled album, ‘The Blue Room’ get limited-edition vinyl release

Originally released in 1998, Union’s self-titled debut featured the pairing of guitarist Bruce Kulick, who had spent the previous 12 years as the lead guitarist in KISS during its non-make up era, and was featured on several multi-platinum albums, including “Revenge” (1992) and singer/guitarist John Corabi who had fronted The Scream and, more recently, Motley Crue on its now cult favorite self-titled 1994 release. They teamed up with drummer Brent Fitz (Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Theory of a Deadman) and bassist Jamie Hunting (Roger Daltrey, David Lee Roth, Vince Neil). The band followed its debut with the album “The Blue Room” in 2000.

Deko Entertainment and Blackbird Entertainment have teamed up to offer new limited-edition vinyl releases of both albums. They will go on sale at noon EST March 1, 2022, at the Union store.

“Union” has not been available on vinyl since its original release and now will be a 180 gram vinyl double album in two new versions featuring bonus tracks and a gatefold sleeve. 

  • The Premier Edition – crystal clear heavy smoked vinyl (limited to 250 copies), featuring a signed album flat with signatures from all four members
  • The Silver Edition – opaque silver 180 gram vinyl and a gatefold sleeve (limited to 500 copies).

“The Blue Room” will be available for the first time as a 180 gram vinyl double album that comes with five bonus tracks, the radio edits for “Do Your Own Thing” and “Who Do You Think You Are?,” along with acoustic versions of “October Morning Wind” and “Hypnotized,” and live version of album cut “Dead.” 

  • The Premier Edition – comes with a signed 10”x10” band photo, and is on a black and blue 180 gram vinyl hand pour (limited to 250 copies), featuring all new artwork, five bonus tracks and a gatefold sleeve.
  • The Royal Edition – comes on transparent blue 180 gram vinyl, features all new artwork, five bonus tracks, and a gatefold sleeve (limited to 500 copies). 

“I’m really excited about the Deko re-release of the self titled Union record, and our second effort ‘The Blue Room!!!'” Corabi said. “They did a great job with the artwork and packaging, and the records sound great!!! I’m just so happy for all the Union fans around the world to finally have these long hidden gems at their disposal, instead of having to search high and low on the internet!!!! Enjoy the music, and thank you for all the love and support!!!!!”

Kulick said: “The vinyl reissues of Union gives our fans a fresh listen to our music. Hearing the layers of detail and devotion we gave each song, will be mind blowing for them. The chemistry of this band rises to a new level that will not only impress our fans, it will make the curious converts to the music. It’s a proud moment for John, Brent, Jamie and I to share with the world.”

Track listings:
Side One
Old Man Wise
Around Again
Pain Behind Your Eyes
Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)
Side Two
Heavy D …
Let It Flow
Empty Soul
October Morning Wind
Side Three 
Get Off My Cloud
Robin’s Song
Oh Darling (Bonus Track)
Side Four
Walking In Your Sleep (Bonus Track)
For You (Bonus Track)
Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore) (Acoustic Bonus Track)

“The Blue Room”
Side One
Do Your Own Thing
Everything’s Alright
Side Two
Who Do You Think You Are?
Dear Friend
Do You Know My Name?
Side Three 
I Wanna Be
No More
October Morning Wind (Acoustic Bonus Track)
Hypnotized (Acoustic Bonus Track)
Side Four
Do Your Own Thing (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
Dead (Live Bonus Track)


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