LIVE RECAP: Shinedown – 04/20/22 – Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena – Catonsville, Maryland

LIVE PHOTOS: Shinedown, The Pretty Reckless, Diamante

By Greg Maki

It’s been a steady upward climb for Shinedown in the 19 years since the release of its debut album, “Leave a Whisper.” As the hits have piled up—current single “Planet Zero,” from the forthcoming album of the same name (July 1), is Shinedown’s 18th number one at Active Rock Radio—the concert halls have grown, as well, with the band progressing from small clubs to larger clubs to support slots in amphitheaters to co-headlining arenas and festivals to, now, headlining arenas on its own.

Brent Smith of Shinedown

“The Revolution’s Live Tour,” also featuring The Pretty Reckless and Diamante, is by far Shinedown’s biggest, most spectacular production to date, with the bulk of the stage consisting of a runway stretching halfway across the arena floor, movable lighting rigs, massive video boards and enough flames to warm everyone in the building. And, of course, there is the band itself, armed with a catalog so deep that some of its biggest songs were nowhere to be found. But with a 19-song set list spanning nearly two hours, it’s hard to say that it felt like anything was missing.

Opening with a trio of harder-edged tracks—“The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” (the latest song to be released from the new album), “Devil” from 2018’s “Attention Attention” and the “Planet Zero” title track—the band took the audience on a dynamic journey full of peaks and valleys. The alt-rock-leaning “State of My Head,” from 2015’s “Threat to Survival” album, livened up an already engaged crowd, setting the stage for the singalong-heavy “45.” Other highlights included the anthemic “Bully,” “Enemies,” “Cut the Cord,” “Second Chance” (hearing Brent Smith sing this one is always special), “Diamond Eyes,” an acoustic cover of Foo Fighters’ “Wheels” (with guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric bass taking over lead vocals) and the new song “Daylight,” a piano ballad that sounds like a massive crossover hit waiting to happen. 

SHINEDOWN SET LIST: “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo,” “Devil,” “Planet Zero,” “State of My Head,” “45,” “Get Up,” “Fly from the Inside,” “Bully,” “Daylight,” “Enemies,” “Cut the Cord,” “Second Chance,” “Unity,” “Monsters,” “Diamond Eyes,” “Wheels,” “Call Me,” “Simple Man,” “Sound of Madness”

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless

In direct support, The Pretty Reckless trotted out its own collection of hits after opening with the Soundgarden cover “Loud Love.” (The Pretty Reckless was on tour with Soundgarden in 2017 when Chris Cornell passed.) Supporting its best album to date, 2021’s “Death by Rock and Roll,” the band was in fine form, with frontwoman Taylor Momsen much more animated than I’ve ever seen her in a live setting and taking full advantage of the large stage. Busting out tasty riffs and solos throughout the 45-minute set, guitarist Ben Phillips was the band’s MVP, giving an aggressive edge to songs such as “Only Love Can Save Me Now,” “Make Me Wanna Die” and “Going to Hell.” I’ve seen The Pretty Reckless live a number of times over the past decade, and this easily was the best show they’ve played.

THE PRETTY RECKLESS SET LIST: “Loud Love,” “Since You’re Gone,” “Only Love Can Save Me Now,” “Death by Rock and Roll,” “And So It Went,” “Make Me Wanna Die,” “Going to Hell,” “Heaven Knows,” “Take Me Down”


Starting at 7 p.m., Diamante got the night off to an energetic start. The no-longer-blue-haired singer played a mix of songs from her 2021 independent release “American Dream” and 2018 debut “Coming in Hot,” including a crowd-pleasing cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ smash “Iris” (which she released as a duet with Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley). She, too, seemed at home on the big stage, and with big hooks and an upbeat stage presence, her songs were a natural fit for the large hall.

DIAMANTE SET LIST: “Ghost Myself,” “Haunted,” “American Dream,” “Serves You Right,” “Iris,” “Sleepwalking,” “War Cry”


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