Lucifer releases ‘Orion’ visualizer, ‘Lucifer IV’ coming to colored vinyl

Heavy rock band Lucifer has released a visualizer for the song “Orion” from its 2021 album “Lucifer IV” (Century Media Records).

Singer Johanna Sadonis said: “We’ve been meaning to pick ‘Orion’ as a single all along for its emotional impact but opted for the harder rockers first. This heavy heartbreaker rocks no less but is a lot more melancholic and wistful. It’s a song about two people colliding briefly, then drifting apart again and about the loneliness you sometimes feel within your existence. You’re born alone and you will pass on alone. In the end, we are all just particles revolving around each other in the universe, each one of us a lonely star in the night sky. The idea came to me when I read in Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography about her relationship to Mick Jagger and the aftermath.”

Lucifer also has announced that “Lucifer IV” will be available on colored vinyl:

  • Ltd. transp. orange (available at all outlets)
  • Ltd. glow in the dark (limited to 500 units/band exclusive)

The release is set for May 20, 2022. It is available for pre-order here.

Lucifer tour dates:

04/22 DesertHel, Helsinki, FIN
05/19 Barcelona, Bóveda, ES
05/20 Murcia, Garaje, ES
05/21 Madrid, Copernico, ES
05/22 Bilbao, Kafe Antzokia, ES
06/04 Atlas Rock, Gävle, SWE
07/08 Rock Harz Open Air, DE
07/29 QStock, Oulu, FIN
08/03 Beyond The Gates, Bergen, NO
08/04 Time To Rock Festival, Knislinge, SWE
08/05 Wacken Open Air, DE
09/11 Raismes Fest, FR

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