Conquer Divide to release new album ‘Slow Burn’ on Sept. 8, new single now available

Conquer Divide—the international five-piece band hailing from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada—will release its new album, “Slow Burn” on Sept. 8, 2023, via Mascot Records. Pre-order it here.

The band—vocalist Kiarely Taylor, bassist/vocalist Janel Duarte, guitarist Isabel Johnson, drummer Samantha Landa and guitarist Kristen Sturgis—also has shared the video for new single “welcome2paradise, which can be seen below.

“This song is special to all of us for a lot of reasons,” Sturgis said. “We really wanted to stretch our musical muscles and play around with time signatures. We recorded some of the production ourselves, including drilling sounds you’ll hear sprinkled throughout the song. Artistically, we really stepped out of our comfort zone and we ended up with something really special.”

The song also takes a close look at a very important topical issue.

“It’s sad that humans don’t care about our environment,” Sturgis said. “I was especially inspired by a situation close to my heart. I live on the Great Lakes, which contain 20 percent of the earth’s freshwater. There is a 70-year-old pipeline called Line 5 that is in very rough shape and runs through the water where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet. The current is especially turbulent there. The pipeline keeps getting hit by boat anchors. I am not here to preach anti-fossil fuels, as electric vehicles come with their own environmental tolls, and touring bands have to drive gas-guzzling vehicles to play for our fans. But if a spill happened in that spot, it’s in the worst possible place, due to the strong currents. A Great Lakes spill could affect major cities like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Windsor, Toronto and Rochester, N.Y. Tourism, fishing industries, and boating would all be affected. And with all of the droughts happening around the U.S., it’s going to be everyone’s problem soon. Right now, there’s just one small local organization trying to draw attention to it, but If I can do anything with this song release, it would be to shine a spotlight on something I care so much about.”

“Slow Burn” track listing:

“N E W H E A V E N”
“playing w/ fire”
“Over It.”
“wide awake”

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