Crobot to release ‘Rat Child’ EP on vinyl for Record Store Day

Crobot and Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group will release the band’s “Rat Child” EP as a limited edition etched vinyl LP for Record Store Day Black Friday on Nov. 26, 2021.

All four songs are on side A of the green vinyl, while the B-side features an etching. A poster also is included with each of the 4000 copies available worldwide. The cover, etching and poster were designed by Crobot guitarist Chris Bishop.

This is a Record Store Day exclusive and first-time vinyl release of “Rat Child.” The complete track listing features “Mountain” (featuring Frank Bello), “Kiss It Goodbye” (featuring Howard Jones), “Everyone Dies,” (featuring Stix Zadinia) and “Rat Child.”

The band said: “These ‘Motherbrain’ leftovers (and new tunes alike), will satiate your tastebuds for some new Crobot riffage. We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Frankie Bello (Anthrax), Howard Jones (Light the Torch), & Stix Zadinia (Steel Panther), with whom we not only value friendship but idolize as well. Whether it’s gritty grooves, ballistic riffs, or that good ol’ Crobot sound you’re yearning for to getcha through, we’ve got just frequencies for ya!  Say hello to our lil’ friends …”

Singer Brandon Yeagley said: “We’ve grown to know the Anthrax dudes pretty well through touring and developed a working relationship in addition to our friendships. We’ve always talked about writing with Frankie because we have a lot of the same influences and that definitely shines through in ‘Mountain.’  Frankie has always lent us his ear and has been a big supporter of ours. It was a treat to work with him on something.”

Stix Zadinia said: “I think this song will floor people. You haven’t heard Crobot quite like this before. Writing this song with them has been a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for people to hear it!”

“Whether you’re jammin’ in your Delorean or Mini-Cooper, we’ve always got something to take you back to the future,” Yeagley said. “Riffs? Check. Spandex? Check. Sequins? You bet yer sweet Granny’s ass…So when you’re ready to rock, just call on your neighborhood friendly Crobot. We’ve got a real mutha for ya!”

The music video was directed and edited by Wombat, and is dedicated to Brandon’s father, Rick Yeagley, who passed away in October 2019.

“‘Kiss It Goodbye’ is a complete full-circle moment for us,” Yeagley said. “We’ve idolized Howard Jones’ ability to pinpoint the perfect melody since picking up our instruments and that dude is on beast mode here.  And those guitars sound like they’re right out of an ‘Alien’ flick. This one is soaked in acidy-spit!

“Howard was introduced to us through mutual friends. We have always been huge fans of his melodic footprint and his unique melodies. When we heard he would be interested in writing with us, we were beyond excited. He flew down to Austin and spent a few days in a studio with us. We had a such great chemistry with him and wrote this song.  We thought it was a shoe-in for being a track on ‘Motherbrain,’ but for whatever reason, it didn’t make the cut. It seemed like such a travesty to let such a great song sit on the shelf. So, we’re pumped to let the world hear it now.”

Jones said: “Had a great time writing ‘Kiss It Goodbye’ with Crobot! Their sound and energy are infectious, and there was no way I was passing up working with them. I hope you all dig it!”

The music video was created and directed by William “Wombat” Felch.

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